Fighting Monkey Practice

A 2-day Intensive with Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea
September 23 - 24, 2017

The FIGHTING MONKEY is a practice for anyone seeking personal development through movement. This two-day intensive dives into Fighting Monkey training structure, concepts and philosophy. We’ll focus on two broad themes: Improve your ability to deal with life’s catastrophes and the Unknown with Earthquake Architecture and take responsibility for your own development and healing practices with Anatomy of Injury.

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EARTHQUAKE ARCHITECTURE: Human structure built to survive must have the capacity and ability to handle stress, optimize its actions, and develop plasticity and elasticity in order to create potential energy. We offer you the opportunity to “earthquake” your architecture by throwing you into complex ‘movement situations’ in which you are exposed to a variety of tasks, from simple ones to impossible ones. This approach can help you to learn more efficiently and with longer lasting effects, improve your cognitive and behavioural flexibility and tolerance to the Unknown. You will observe and test your movement abilities in a variety of conditions to understand how intelligent, adaptive and creative you are in the moments that are not entirely in your control. Think of these ‘movement situations’ as a form of ‘vaccination’ – where you deliberately expose yourself to a movement pathogen (stressor) to provoke the body to adapt and develop through struggle.

ANATOMY OF INJURY: Anatomy of Injury refers to your immunity and to your understanding of the landscape of your own body so that you decide and follow training cycles according to your own needs. It also helps you build an empowering, intelligent and effective practice that can support you before, during and after any training or competition. Past injuries can tell you a lot about your movement but most of all about your lifestyle and the quality of interaction and the relationships you create and cultivate every day. Anatomy of Injury helps you trace the hidden, invisible stressors that deteriorate your health and quality of life. We will be working with unconventional training methods to help you evaluate your posture, your overall coordination and mobility of your joints in relation to your whole structure.

We will work on:

  • how to coordinate the 3 bodyweight centres in relation to your feet
  • how to practice to build the “athletic leg”
  • how to use the whole system to regain lost balance

We will be discussing and examining the ageing process and its crucial effects on the body especially how our feet, knees and hips get old and what we can do about it

We will also examine:

  • why mobility, adaptability and softness are the most important qualities for building strength
  • how softness, slowness and stillness in practice create speed and neurological efficiency
  • how to harness our energy and how to overcome fatigue
  • how to develop power and strength through motion and moving in space without performing isolated exercises but through using effectively our entire structure
  • why the range of motion of joints tells us nothing about the quality of movement
  • how to get rid of bad habits and relearn to move creating more potential and kinetic energy
  • what are the alternatives to conventional training systems that promote artificial systematic rules
  • what it means to be coordinated, mobile and functionally open while experiencing pressure and stress

To learn more about the Fighting Monkey method and founders Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, visit https://fightingmonkey.net.


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