Movement Lab – Move & Strengthen

About Movement Lab

Designed to help us explore fundamental human movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, hanging, locomotive patterns, as well as, complex and abstract situations, creative play and improvisation opportunities. Be prepared to challenge your strength, stamina, adaptability and learning strategies. You will learn how to cultivate an intelligent and creative approach to how you practice and how you can express your human complexity through movement.

Movement Lab classes are challenging but are presented through a non-competitive progressive approach, everyone works at their own pace and everyone is welcome. If you are working with injuries or health conditions that impact your mobility and stability consult your doctor prior to attending any drop-in group class.

The Movement Lab Themes of Practice

Each class shifts its focus through the following four main themes throughout each week:

A. Moving Thr0ugh Space:
 Includes an exploration of a variety of locomotion patterns like crawling, running, jumping, changing direction, complex coordinations, rhythm & musicality, partner and group work. Movement games & situations that are playful and require adaptability, creativity, and improvisation.

B. Mobility: Focused on the cultivation of our active ranges of motion, and addressing any underlying limitations, weaknesses, tensions, so as to increase the resilience of our joints and tissues, using a variety of techniques for the purposes of increasing our awareness as well as our movement and strength potential. Time is also provided to test and use this cultivated mobility through complementary movement patterns and situations.

C. Skill: Focused on the development and acquisition of specific skills like balancing, agility, coordination and object control. Proper and relevant mobilizations and joint preparation always precede skill work.

D. Strength: Focused on a higher volume of fundamental movements like squatting, lunging, lifting, pushing, pressing & pulling, to stimulate the adaptation of strength, power and stability in our musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Often working with tools such as gymnastics rings, hanging bars and/or kettlebells.

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