Yoga for All with Dianne Bondy

Training: Jan. 26-28, 2018

“Yoga is living life fully and skillfully. Yoga is freedom, acceptance, inclusion and love.” ~ Dianne Bondy

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Yoga for All with Dianne Bondy
Exploring yoga postures for different body types, ages, diverse populations, and levels of physical ability.

Join yoga teacher, and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement, Dianne Bondy to learn how to make your classes more accessible to people of all body sizes, ability levels and ages with greater skill and creativity.

In this intensive, Dianne invites you to participate in unique asana (yoga posture) variations and unconventional models of practice that focus on safe and accessible self-expression. She will share with you how to create brave spaces, body positivity and a culture of consent in your teaching and personal practice. This teaching is open to teachers and students.

  • Learn skillful ways to modify and innovate physical asana to serve a broader community of practitioners and better promote greater inclusion for every BODY
  • Explore different forms and expressions of traditional yoga postures and a true all levels approach to yoga for different shapes, abilities and sizes
  • Experience and learn to teach brave and supportive practices in a non-competitive environment
  • Gain insight on ways to impart on your student’s strategies for listening and connecting to their bodies, more succinctly and with greater inner strength, while exploring this path towards self-acceptance
  • Learn principles and foundations for creating body positivity in your classes
  • Practices will include hands-free vinyasa flows, the yin and yang of physical asana, restorative practices and an empowering closing meditation
  • A workshop on body image, yoga and empowerment will integrate physical asana, journaling, and discussion centered on the philosophy of yoga as it relates to equanimity and unity

Bring your questions, ideas and challenging yoga postures, and as a community we will learn how to teach a more inclusive, accessible and inspiring practice.

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