Paluna Santamaria

Paluna Santamaria

Paluna Santamaria

Paluna was introduced to the practice of yoga and meditation by her father at a very young age. Always curious about movement, she went on to explore a variety of disciplines, yet always coming back to yoga and meditation as a way to keep her mind at ease.

She completed a Bachelor Degree in Arts with a Specialty in Dance in 2002. While in school she participated in many sports and disciplines including basketball, self defence, yoga and aerial skills. Before moving to Canada in 2005, she trained to be a certified Pilates instructor and earned a living teaching as well as performance dance.

She has been building a strong reputation in the fitness industry since 2003. Not just for her years of experience but for her ability to make her students feel comfortable in a gym environment, thus allowing them to take their practice to the next level.

Paluna has studied yoga philosophy and meditation with Hali Swartz, Vinyasa Yoga with Kathryn Beet, Hatha Yoga with Patricia White, Pre/post natal yoga with Sasha Padron and Pilates Mat and Equipment training with Margot Mckinnon (additional training in Pilates Rehabilitative Protocols).

She has had the pleasure of traveling the world to teach and study with a number of leaders in movement including Andreo Spina, Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, Ido Portal, the MovNat team and Magnus Ver Magnuson. She is honoured to be one of Nike’s first Club Trainers in Canada for 4 years running, teaching movement to hundreds of participants in Toronto and Vancouver.

Always a student and athlete, she spends her free time training and further educating herself – she is currently studying Functional Diagnostic Nutrition with Dr. Reed Davis. When she’s not traveling, you can find her at few studios and gyms across Toronto, teaching and training her beloved clients and likely training for her next lifting competition.

Additional Training Experience:

Kettlebells – Jeff McAleer (RKC) and Shawn Mozen (Agatsu)

Powerlifting – Willie Albert, Travis Mash, Dan Green, Jeremy Hamilton and Jay Nera

Olympic weightlifting – Alexander Varbanov, Ivan Abadjiev, Travis Mash, Pierre Auge

Nutrition – George Brown College (Anthony DiPasquale) and Lovedeep Dhunna (Precision Nutrition)

Paluna’s current favourite jobs include:

Agatsu Senior Instructor (Mobility and Olympic Weightlifting certifications)

Mash Elite Performance (Nutrition and Lifting on-line coach)

Tune-In Nutrition (CEO/Founder and Nutrition consultant)

Yoga Space (Teacher Training Faculty – strength training for yoga teachers)

Power & Grace Women’s Retreats (Co-created and developed with Sara-Clare Lajeunesse)

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