Be Moved. Be Still. Teacher Training

Embodied Arts Teacher Training

Be Moved. Be Still. Teacher Training

Please submit the following information to apply.

Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Date of Birth:
If you chose other please include your preferred pronoun:
Describe your current movement and meditation practices, including how often, duration, and for how many years you have maintained a practice. Please include the studios and teachers you have studied with and the styles of practice that you experienced, including any certifications or intensive trainings. Please include relevant educational and professional background.

Do you have any physical injuries or conditions that we should be aware of?
If Yes please explain:

Do you have any mental or emotional health issues that could impact your successful completion of this intensive long-term program?
If so, please indicate whether you are currently under medical care or supervision?

Attendance at 90% of the in-class modules is required for certification, as well as monthly homework and self study. Do you foresee any difficulties with this expectation and requirement?
If Yes please explain:

Why do you want to enroll in this intensive education program? Please list objectives and expectations.

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