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Warriors for Peace - New Leaf Yoga

Every day people are living with violence in their communities, homes, bodies and minds. Yoga has taught many of us how to create more peace in our actions, thoughts, and words – to cultivate peace in every area of our lives, both inside and out. We all have the capacity to create positive change, but not all of us have the opportunity to nourish ourselves in positive ways.

Our studio is helping New Leaf Yoga Foundation make yoga more accessible to youth in the places where it has been least available. We are taking a stand as a Warrior for Peace, and supporting the young men and women participating in New Leaf’s programs, by donating monthly in support of their work.

New Leaf Yoga Foundation serves youth who are incarcerated or considered “at-risk” due to a number of factors including socio-economic status, challenges in school, experiences of abuse and neglect, involvement with drugs, involvement with violence and crime, and marginalization. They are dedicated to teaching life skills through the practices of yoga and meditation so that youth can cultivate a commitment to nonviolent, compassionate engagement with themselves and others. Learn more about their work by visiting their website:

New Leaf Yoga - Meditating Youth