Park Yoga and The Lot

Our Story & Approach

The Spirit Loft Movement Centre was established as a quasi playground-laboratory. A space for practitioners to experience and explore the synthesis of embodied practices to assist in the development of their awareness, movement potential, compassion and well-being. Informed by ancient traditions, contemporary research and innovation, we are dedicated to the development of curious and diligent students of movement, stillness and community practices. We offer instruction in complementary disciplines for varying levels of experience, intensity and abilities. We are located in a beautiful and spacious true loft in the heart of Toronto’s east end neighbourhood of Leslieville.
We strive to provide a joyful, meaningful, conscious place to explore transformative practice and have a great team of skillful, highly trained and dedicated teachers to support you along the way.

Our studio supports the New Leaf Foundation in making yoga more accessible to youth in the places where it has been least available. We are taking a stand as a Warrior for Peace studio by donating monthly in support of New Leaf’s initiatives in sharing yoga and mindfulness-based life skills to youth in custody facilities as well as community centres and schools in under-serviced neighbourhoods across Southern Ontario.


Scent Free Policy:

Due to the health concerns arising from exposure to scented products, Spirit Loft has instituted this policy to provide a scent-free environment for all employees and visitors. The use of scented products will not be allowed within the facility at any time. In addition, all materials used for cleaning will be scent-free. Employees will be informed of this policy through signs posted in buildings and receive orientation and training.
Clients and visitors will be informed of this policy through signs and website. This policy is effective 15/15/2011