Mindfulness Meditation

Spirit Loft Sangha


Our meditation group meets weekly online for guided meditation, discussion and study.

Join us to experience for yourself how the human technology of mindful awareness, the teachings of the Buddha dharma and the cultivation of wisdom and compassion can help us to creatively navigate the challenges of life and the many difficulties facing of our modern world.

Developing a meditation practice is all about support and consistency. For this reason, participants commit to a minimum of 4 consecutive sessions at a time in order to begin to build consistency and develop familiarity with meditation techniques and seminal teachings of the mindfulness tradition.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to meditation, whether you have a spiritual or religious affiliation or consider yourself secular, you hope you will find our approach supportive and welcoming.

Weekly Session Schedule:

We meet online on Saturdays at 9 am ET.
Participants can attend sessions livestream and/or via the recordings.
Sessions are generally 60 mins-75 mins depending on the length of discussion period.


Weekly sessions includes guided meditation, discussion, study and supportive resources.

While we work with themes of practice, it’s not necessary to catch up on previous sessions, nor have previous orientation to meditation practice or study to join in. You can benefit by joining any time.

Regular rate: 4 Pack $60 + HST includes 1 hr livestream guided meditation, dharma talk and  access to recording.

New practitioner rate: Receive 50% off your first 4 pack with the promocode: BeStill

About our Approach:

The Spirit Loft Sangha (meditation community) is joined by the shared value of awakening to, and living, a mindful and compassionate life.

Our community is an independent, unaffiliated, nonsectarian sangha exploring an approach to meditation practice and the Buddha dharma (teachings for awakening) that is firmly rooted in a naturalistic, scientific, and empirical understanding. An approach that has been termed Zen Naturalism.

Our group is led by studio co-director/founder Andre Talbot, mindfulness teacher and mindset/peak performance coach. His Andre’s approach is informed through extensive training with the Empty Mountain Sangha and his primary teacher Poep Sa (Dharma Teacher) Frank Jude Boccio, as well as, his decades of experience leading individuals and groups in a variety of settings in the fields of human movement, embodiment and mindfulness/mindset practices. Andre is also in the process of completing a Masters program in pyschotherapy at Wilfred Laurier University. He is assisted each week by Spirit Loft co-director and fellow mindfulness educator, Catalina Moraga.

On Demand Videos

When you sign up for our meditation group sessions, you’ll get access to recorded video of the session for 21 days as a supportive resource for your self practice and study. Refer to the email we send you after each session for the access password.

December we explored practice inspired the brahmavihārās (sublime attitudes or “abodes), a series of four virtues and the meditation practices made to cultivate them. They are also known as the four immeasurables minds of 1. loving-kindness or benevolence (maitrī/mettā) 2. compassion (karuṇā) 3. sympathetic joy (muditā) 4. equanimity (upekṣā/upekkhā). If you registered for these sessions, refer to the emails we sent out to access your password. 

For access to the recordings related to our Fall 2022 study of the Heart Sutra visit the link below.