Private Training Toronto

Private Training

Train with us privately in the studio to increase your body awareness, confidence, strength, mobility, vitality and well-being. Our highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary trainers develop effective, intelligent and individualized programs. We work with a wide range of clients who have equally wide-ranging goals: general fitness, sport-specific competition, improving movement function, post-rehabilitation, persistent pain management, longevity, strength and wellness goals.

We understand and evaluate the diverse needs and goals of our clients and provide the guidance and support necessary to achieve a sustainable and successful long-term practice of movement and strength for life grounded in mindfulness.


We onboard all private clients with a one-on-one movement screen/assessment session. The assessment session allows us to see how you are moving and uncover any compensations, weaknesses or pain that may need to be considered when designing your program.

From there we work collaboratively with you to align your program towards your specific needs and goals.   


Asssesment session: $150 + HST
Private training sessions: $125-150 + HST/session (based on trainer)

To inquire about availability and onboarding visit the consult form below.

Meet Our Trainers

Andre Talbot

Andre Talbot

Director, Spirit Loft Movement

Andre enjoyed a 10 year career as a professional football player in the Canadian Football League where he achieved numerous accolades including Grey Cup Champion, All-Canadian and Team Captain. Since retiring from the rigorous and grueling nature of athletic competition Andre has continued to explore….

Catalina Moraga

Catalina Moraga

Director, Spirit Loft Movement

With nearly two decades of experience as a movement educator, Catalina has directed her studies and practice toward a broad lens of physical disciplines. This variety of approaches and knowledge allows her to meet the diverse and holistic needs of her clients with tailored strategies that best support their individual goals and needs…


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