Catalina Moraga

Catalina Moraga

Director, Spirit Loft Movement Centre

Catalina is a movement educator and co-director of the Spirit Loft Movement Centre.


With nearly two decades of experience as a movement teacher, Catalina has directed her studies and practice towards a broad lens of physical disciplines and embodied arts including functional training, strength and conditioning, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, somatic movement traditions, and meditation studies.

This variety of approaches and knowledge allows her to meet the diverse and holistic needs of her clients with tailored strategies that best support their individual goals and needs.

Catalina is dedicated to helping people recognize, explore and expand their physical potential and carries a full roster of private clients ranging in age and ability. She is especially passionate about supporting clients in mid and later life stages through engaging and effective training programs that support active aging by increasing physical literacy, capacity, and confidence.

She also leads classes, workshops, retreats, intensives, teacher trainings, workplace wellness programs, and mentors new teachers.


As a competitive gymnast, she spent her formative years bounding off any surface she could find. She studied and taught through the yoga tradition for many years before moving on to an interdisciplinary approach to movement studies and practice. She currently studies most closely with Fighting Monkey/Rootless Root, an applied practice for human development and longevity through movement, and is mentored by one of its founders, Jozef Frucek. She has also studied extensively with Shawn Mozen & Sara-Clare Lajeunesse of Agatsu Inc. in mobility and kettlebell training and has taken various workshops with the Ido Portal Team, Dr. Andreo Spina and the Prague School of Rehabilitation. Her mindfulness teachers include Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio of the Empty Mountain Sangha and the late Shoken Michael Stone. She is grateful to all her esteemed teachers and coaches for their generosity, wisdom, and encouragement.

Catalina has a lifelong love affair with movement and learning. Through awakening friendliness, curiosity and confidence through movement practice, she believes we can lead a more engaged, inspired, and compassionate life.

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