Embodied Arts Teacher Training & Mentorship Program

An interdisciplinary approach to movement & mindfulness practice
February - July 2020

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Why We Created This Program?

The Spirit Loft Centre was established as a space for practitioners to experience and explore a rich synthesis of embodied practices to assist in the development of their awareness, movement potential, resiliency, and compassion. We have developed as a community through an interdisciplinary approach to movement & mindfulness education.

There are many wonderful training programs and certifications available for specialization in various disciplines, but we felt a great need to offer a program to connect and create conversations and cross-pollination between silos of practice. Informed by ancient traditions, contemporary research, and innovation, this groundbreaking program is the first of its kind. It offers committed participants intensive training and mentorship in support of their personal and professional development.

In broad strokes, what can I expect from the program?

The Embodied Arts Teacher Training Program runs over 6 months. There are 5 weekend modules, one 6 day non-residential module and an online platform (extensive video library, lectures, and content). While the focus of each module is different, all modules include:

  • A comprehensive study of breath dynamics and developmental kinesiology
  • Extensive movement, mobility, strength, coordination and skills training & development
  • An exploration of traditional and contemporary body maps of functional, structural and subtle body anatomy
  • A supportive and progressive experiential practice of meditation and mindfulness

The program involves a significant investment of time and energy.  In addition to attending the modules and the intensive, students are expected to practice, complete required readings and homework, assignments, exams, assessments and attend group classes between modules. Membership at Spirit Loft Movement Centre is included from February – August 2020 with the expectation of a minimum of 25 group classes are attended in this time period.

Through this program you will:

  • Cultivate an intelligent, diverse and creative approach to how you practice and how you express your human complexity
  • Develop, and learn to share, a movement & mindfulness practice that is diligent, sustainable, playful and nourishing
  • Progressively deepen your knowledge and experience with the forms and practices of movement and mindfulness that can assist in your development as a student and your potential as a teacher & facilitator

Embodied Arts Teacher Training & Mentorship Program

Who is the program for?

The Embodied Arts Training Program is open to serious students, teachers of movement, bodyworkers/manual therapists and wellness professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and broaden their scope of practice.

Our student body includes students of movement, athletes, yoga teachers and practitioners, Pilates instructors, personal trainers, school teachers, social workers, bodyworkers, manual therapists and wellness professionals. Movement teachers and professionals will be able to integrate what they learn into their practices to enhance student/client experiences and outcomes. You do not have to be a movement professional to be accepted into the program, however. What is required is a willingness to commit to the rigours of the program and the practices of self-study and reflection.

What perspectives & modalities are explored through the program?
Spine Health & Spinal Dynamics
Developmental Kinesiology & Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
Biomechanics & Functional Anatomy
Intro to a Trauma-Informed Approach to Movement Education
Understanding Pain Science & Injury
Lower & Upper Body Mobility, Movement & StrengthLocomotion Fundamentals: Low Gait & Crawling
Play & Task Based Movement
Rhythm & Musicality
Athletic Development: Speed, Strength & Coordination

The Foundations of Mindfulness: Practice & Study for Life
Anatomy of Breathing & Breathwork
Somatic & Restorative Movement
Movement informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kettlebell Strength Training Fundamentals
Inspire by Fighting Monkey Practice
Gymnastics Floor Skills, Handbalancing & Acrobatics

Communication, Language & the Art of Skillful Teaching
Movement Assessments & Introduction to Programming

Who will I be learning from?

Lead Instructors:
Andre Talbot & Catalina Moraga, Co-Directors and Founders of Spirit Loft Movement Centre

Guest Faculty:
Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio – Mindfulness Teacher, Author
Jane Clapp –  Resiliency and Trauma Recovery Coach
Kirsty Grosart – Gymnastics Coach, Former Competitive Gymnast & GMB Fitness Lead Trainer
Cathy Keenan – Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Elke Schroeder – Inspire by Fighting Monkey Instructor & Dance Artist
Chris Klachan DC, BSC, CSCS – Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics
Paluna Santamaria – Senior Agatsu Trainer, Movement Educator


Embodied Arts Teacher Training class=

Investment: $3600 + HST (interest free payment plans available)
All tuition payments including deposit and payment plans installments are non-refundable.

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