group practice

We offer three types of group instruction: classes, programs, and workshops. 

Weekly Classes

Classes offer weekly opportunities for practice in a supportive, small group setting. Our classes work with each other to help you expand proficiency and capacity while building consistency.

Program & Workshops

Programs consist of a series of focused sessions that are progressive in nature running typically over several weeks. Each session builds on the previous one to provide continuity and grow both skill and understanding.

Workshops give participants a chance to take a deep dive for anywhere from a few hours to a full weekend. They offer feature special practices and/or guest instructors.

Class Schedule

Program/Workshop Schedule

Class Schedule

 Programs & Events

Class Descriptions

Class Rates

Class Descriptions

Foundations:  Learn and integrate the fundamentals of strength, mobility, balance, and coordination.

Strength Matters: Focus on strength-building patterns with resistance bands and weights, for healthy bones and more.

Core & Mobility: Focus on deep core exercises and joint health.

Subtle Shifts: Explore slow and gentle movements that improve body awareness and restore a sense of ease.

Movement Lab: Our signature class integrates training modalities and approaches that challenge your capacity by introducing variety and novelty.

Inspire by FM: Explore Fighting Monkey practice principles through movement tasks and challenges designed to promote creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability.

Class Rates:

Intro Promo – $50 + HST
5 classes in 30 days (30-day expiry, new clients only)

Single Class  – $25 + HST
4 Pack – $75 + HST (60-day expiry)
8 Pack   – $135 + HST (60-day expiry)

Terms: All passes are non-refundable/non-transferable. Advance reservations for classes are required as capacity is limited, and 24 hr cancellation policy is in effect.  We reserve the right to change any class or teacher on our schedule without notice.