Catalina Moraga

Director, Spirit Loft Movement & Yoga Centre

Catalina is a multi disciplinary movement and mindfulness educator and co-founder/co-director of the Spirit Loft Movement & Yoga Centre with her husband, Andre Talbot, established 2011. Her personal and teaching practice is informed by ancient traditions, contemporary research and innovation. She believes in a balanced practice, one that is steeped in diversity, discipline, creativity, joy and deep rest. As a competitive gymnast, she spent her formative years bounding off any surface she could find. She discovered yoga in her late teens as a tool for navigating anxiety and healing of a running injury. Her dedication to the yoga and mindfulness practice eventually led her to pursue deeper studies and training and she is ever grateful to all her esteemed teachers for their generosity, exacting encouragement and compassion; Annie Carpenter, Schuyler Grant, Pat Harada Linfoot, Scott Davis, Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio, the late Shoken Michael Stone and Laura Sygrove. After years of teaching yoga, she became interested in learning and teaching a greater vocabulary of embodied practices to assist in the development her awareness, movement potential, compassion and well-being. Since then, she studies with the Ido Portal team, Shawn Mozen & Sara-Clare Lajeunesse of Agatsu Inc., Josef Frucek of Fighting Monkey/Rootless Root and the work of Dr. Andreo Spina via his Functional Anatomy Seminars (FRC certified). Catalina leads classes, workshops, retreats, intensives, teacher trainings and carries a full roster of private clients ranging in age and ability. She also mentors teachers with the New Leaf Foundation, a not for profit organization that shares trauma informed body practice and mindfulness based life skills with under-serviced youth in custody facilities and schools/community centres in priority neighbourhood. Catalina has a life long love affair with learning, and is committed to the practice of maintaining beginner’s mind. She is dedicated to the development of curious and diligent students of movement, stillness and community practices.

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