Andre Talbot

Andre Talbot


Andre enjoyed a 10 year career as a professional football player in the Canadian Football League where he achieved numerous accolades including Grey Cup Champion, All-Canadian and Team Captain.

Since retiring from the rigorous and grueling nature of athletic competition Andre has continued to explore, research and share in different disciplines of movement and stillness practices. This research project has inspired Andre to share his lifetime of experience and dedicated practice with others, co-founding Spirit Loft, along with his wife Catalina, Toronto’s east end yoga, movement and mindfulness studio and community.

Andre has been working as a personal trainer and movement educator for over 17 years. He has had the opportunity to study and learn from a very diverse and elite set of coaches and teachers in the art of movement, strength, mobility, flexibility, gymnastics and even dance. Some of his main influences and inspirations of movement practice have come through studies in the methods of Agatsu, Ido Portal, DNS Exercise, Fighting Monkey Practice, Tom Weksler and Matt Nichol. This wealth of experience provides him with a very broad and deep set of tools and skills to work with human bodies, whether it be for sport specific competition, rehabilitation, or a general movement practice.

Andre’s inner journey into the art of stillness began with his first intensive yoga teacher training program at the Yandara Yoga Institute. He is inspired by and continues to study meditation, mindfulness and the buddha dharma with his teachers and mentors Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio (Mindfulness Yoga, Zen Naturalism), Laura Sygrove (Executive Director, New Leaf Foundation) and Shoken Michael Stone (Teacher, Author, Activist).

Andre believes that movement and stillness practices provide us the tools to deepen and strengthen our relationships and help us to build a greater sense of connection, community and a sense of well-being. Andre has also served as a facilitator and mentor with the New Leaf Foundation, sharing these empowering skills and practices with youth groups from some of the least-serviced and marginalized communities in the GTA.

Andre is passionate about developing tailored, intelligent and inspired programs to meet the needs and goals of each individual client or group. He brings a focused energy, a diverse set of expertise and a curious mind to his work, placing a strong emphasis on body-mind-heart integration, mindfulness and the power of movement to heal, connect and inspire.


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